Masala Toys – Shady Name for Not-So-Shady Games

Stop racking your brains, and just read on! Finally India gets a decent site for adult toys. This Bangalore-based site is easy to navigate, well-stocked, non-sketchy and beats the hell out of trolling for a toy outside Akbarally’s.

All of the gadgets on here (dildos, vibrators, sex dolls, even KY jelly) are apparently imported, from brands such as Durex and Cyberskin – in fact, they’re receiving a new Japanese shipment today. Flesh off the boat!

So now you know where to go when you want to know the (dil)dos and don’ts

Check out Masala Toys or call (+91) 7760767727, start at Rs 2,500 for a vibrator, shipment received within 3 to 4 days… They have discounts and Sales too… cool ah!