How often does one halt a rickshaw and manage to convince the rickshaw-wala enough to reach their destination? Almost never. In these days of an endless population and everyone running around to get somewhere, well, getting there has become rather an issue.

Every rickshaw-wala has some excuse or the other. We have gotten used to hearing phrases like, “gas bharne ka hai”, “abhi rickshaw wapas dena hai”, “oos taraf nahi ja raha hoon”. It’s annoying. But all of us are dealing with it. And why? Because we’re at their mercy anyway.

Another major hitch is when paying them. Not quite all of them have that one rupee change to return. Usually we let go thinking of it as just one rupee, but then again, it now seems like a habit that these rickshaw-walas have formed.

And the mirrors! Some of the rickshaws are completely covered with them on the inside, leaving every passenger feeling attractive and disgusted, both at the same time. There is some art for sure, in the way they place their mirrors, surprisingly they focus on a few body parts and guessing they enjoy their job (ride) too.

To add to the masala, driving alongside them is a nuisance. They try pushing in and getting their way through the narrowest lanes, leaving behind scratches on a few cars and a few rotten words too. Thinking of driving adjacent to them, very often they find pleasure in coming in the way while women are driving, or passing lewd remarks, or basically doing anything that would really upset a woman.

But these rickshaw-walas have really got it going. You can love them, you can hate them, you certainly can’t ignore them. Besides it being a ride to your destination, travelling in a rickshaw could sometimes really end up being a joyride, with all the bumps on the road and the loud Himesh Reshammiya music playing.