Look What Poonam Pandey’s Doing

She had promised to strip if Team India won the World Cup and didn’t live up to it. So, to motivate the struggling Men in Blue in England this time round, Poonam Pandey has gone ahead to strip partially. Her website (almost porn) is ugly as fuck!!… in a bath tub, the woman goes around with the hand shower and lots more ugliness. BTW! The lingerie beats the one’s you get on linking road. More like she bought them from someone’s yard sale.

She posted her partially nude picture on Twitter building the hype around it for days with posts like – “Coming Soon ‘Motivational Surprise” and “time for Men in Blue to Win ne how at ne Cost!!! Will b Releasing a sensational Pic as they get on the field!! i am with them! keep Watching”.

To which the twitterati commented –

@iPoonampandey Poonam the last time u gave the “Motivational Surprise” it rained in England. Now what? Tsunami? 🙂 #ShoutLoud

Then finally when the picture was up, Poonam’s tweet went –

“GM!! The world will see that I lived up to my inspiration. now,  I am sure my team will beat England. Our time has come.”

With the way @iPoonampandey has been trending on Twitter, one can only imagine that twitterati had a lot to say. Here’s a few of the reactions the partially nude picture managed to incite –

Immediately after the match was over, there were several Facebook captions such as, “Where is Poonam?”, “I’m waiting for you Poonam”, “Where the hell is Poonam Pandey. I bought an HD TV for you!”.

According to the latest news, she has requested the BCCI to choose another country such as Paris for her striptease, to avoid controversies in India.

As the story goes, there was hope that she would finally strip in Paris, and that did not happen either. There were rumours of her being a part of Big Boss this season, of her leading the Mumbai Slutwalk. The model finally made her reality show appearance on Khatron Ke Khiladi this season.

With her belief that there is no vulgarity in nudity, Poonam definitely has come a long way riding on this ‘strip’ of fame. Well, it takes all kinds to make this world – a motivational stripper is one more!

Freida Pinto Has a (Fake) Brit Accent

Hahahaha!! Looking who’s flaunting her love for perfumes like Chloe and other things labelled. Freida Pinto‘s  favourite travel destination apart from London, Paris and New York is Mont-ree-uhhl (Montreal)…cause there’s something uhh-mazing about it. Also because if you go to Canada, you feel like you’re in Europe?? (I’m not lying, I swear she said that)

So she’s been out of Bombay for like 3 years now, and boy! has the accent stuck on her like glue or what??? Apart from that, you can make out its fake, cause Freida maushi, you say ‘like’ like us, and you say it too many times in one 5 min video.  🙂

Also she keeps stuttering in course of the conversation, more than often (maybe looking for the Brit-way to say it huh, just maybe).

She also likes Saris, because they’re elegant, but doesn’t know how to drape one. And she loves Dancing (because it’s in the Indian blood stream!)… c’mon turn up the speakers “JAI HO”.

Freida fried my Brain 😛

Don’t believe me? Check it out yourself. HA!