5 Addictive Things You Do Every Day

Addiction is a funny thing in our culture – people who are actually addicted to a substance actively deny it (“I just like to smoke!”), while other people claim addiction for every random thing they happen to enjoy (“I’m addicted to these delicious candy bars!”).

But as science gets a better understanding of how addiction works in the brain, suddenly a whole lot of our everyday habits make more sense. Things like …

#5. Listening to Pop Music

Yes, pop music is basically cranial crack, to the point that scientists have actually been able to predict which songs would become big sellers by hooking kids up to an MRI scanner and playing previously unheard pop tunes for them. When a future hit came on, the pleasure centre of the brain lit up like a Christmas tree.

Pop music is something that tends to divide people in ways normally reserved for large military conflicts. Its advocates idolize the artists and their music, while its opponents brand anyone interested in pop as mindless drones who don’t know “real” music. But while one can hate Lady Gaga all he wants, there’s no changing the fact that she has sold over 64 million records, and the sales of her last album actually caused Amazon.com’s servers to crash.

 #4. Eating Salty and Spicy Snacks
Sweet foods make sense – cells use sugar as their primary source of energy. Your body knows this, so it rewards you for cramming your mouth full of it (to the point that it keeps tasting good to us right up until we’ve eaten so much that we need a scooter to get around). But why are we so into salt? After all, salt is just tiny freaking rocks. Or, even weirder, stuff that burns our tongue? What exactly are potato chips and jalapeno-flavored everything doing for us?

The chemicals in spicy food irritate the trigeminal nerve, which is responsible for, oh, not much, just all the sensation in your goddamned face. Scientists theorize that the irritation causes the brain to release endorphins to ease the discomfort by, well, giving the eater a natural high. And like any high, you want it again, and to make it more intense. That’s right — people who love spicy foods are addicted to pain.

 #3. Using Lip Balm
… there are actual websites out there dedicated solely to helping people overcome their lip balm addiction. There are actual living and breathing people claiming to be addicted to goddamn ChapStick.

The mention that the supposed buzz you get from using lip balm is actually caused by the menthol, camphor and phenol used in it. Now wait just a second. Phenol? The same phenol that is corrosive to the eyes, skin and respiratory tract, and is also used as an embalming agent? The same phenol that can cause instantaneous death after injecting one gram?

#2. Tanning
I’m skipping this one…cause we’re a perfectly tanned lot 😛 😛

Maybe sunscreen would be our addiction.

#1. Chewing Ice
Ice chewing, or pagophagia, is a subset of a larger disorder known as pica, which causes people to crave things with no nutritional value (including much rarer and weirder compulsions like dirt, paper, chalk or even feces). Ice chewing specifically usually indicates iron deficiency, and chewers may actually be subconsciously trying to get the nutrients they’re lacking from the water. This is further evidenced by the fact that ice actually tastes better to an anemic person, presumably because the brain is jonesing for a fix of that sweet, sweet Fe.

Thanks, Mike!

Indian Festivals, Mandaps and Mockery

It’s been a while since I got here. Anyway, now that I am, it’s obviously because something’s made me. This time it’s our great Indian festivals and the chaos they plan to cause every evening.

If Dahi Handi, a one day thing could cause so much of traffic, noise and waste of public money (where do you think our civil servants get that dough to fill your matkas until they overflow?), the Ganpati celebrations I think are pushing it too far now. Like really!

I have nothing against the festival, fine, he’s one of your God’s. Cool! But how is he even treated. Instead of bhajans, lately Akon’s track Takin’ it off and some House music have been singing his praise on Linking road.

I’m pretty sure you’ve strolled around and seen enough mandaps and shamianas put up. Practically every 2 kms you’ll bump into one, sometimes even lesser. Mostly organised and put together by slum dwellers and an illiterate lot, these mandaps have more lighting than the house those organisers live in. They probably wouldn’t spend that much on buying new clothes or food for their entire family either.

So where is the money coming from? DUH!!! Its OUR (middle class) money. So we pay taxes, and what do you get in return? Noise and mandaps…shit loads of MANDAPS. Because Indians believe in celebrating every festival, and if there isn’t one anytime soon….hell we’ll make one up.

These festival celebrations have just turned into one big pile of bull. With nothing but illiteracy, larger than life speakers, free food, and a whole lot of mockery!

Thomas Muller’s Parents Are In Kerala

So I don’t know why Thomas Muller‘s parents in Kerala makes me so happy, but anyway, feels like I’m closer to him through them ahahahhahahaaa (I really like this guy O.O)

Golden Boot winner Thomas Muller’s parents are holidaying Kerala and they will be present for the Nehru Trophy Boat Race in Alappuzha in August.

Gerhard and Klaudia Muller, reached Kochin couple of days back, and will be seeing the country’s premier water sporting event from a house boat on the Punnamada lake, a  little birdy told me. They will also be at Kovalam beach resort before returning to Germany.

The Mullers are latest among a list of international celebrities who visited the state in the last few years including Beatles member Paul McCartney and Rock legend Sting.

The Week that starts on Friday, August 12

1. Promises – Nero 
2. She Makes Me Wanna – Jls Ft Dev
3. Swagger Jagger – Cher Lloyd
4. Little Bad Girl – David Guetta/Cruz/Ludacris
5. Glad You – Came Wanted
6. The A Team – Ed Sheeran
7. Down With The Trumpets – Rizzle Kicks
8. Louder – Dj Fresh Ft Sian Evans
9. Set Fire To The Rain – Adele
10. Next To You – Chris Brown Ft Justin Bieber

Bronze Statue of Nude Justin & Selena Forever

Firstly, is this legal? Justin Bieber may have his swag on, and an overload to be precise, BUT he is still under 18!

Despite this minor issue, infamous sculptor Daniel Edwards (apparently he’s a fan) grabbed his tools and carved out a statue of Bieber and his girl love Selena Gomez (nearly) completely naked with only a Canadian Maple Leaf and Texas Lone Star covering their privates, and the words “Justin & Selena Forever” at the base of the bronze likeness.

The ugly part is their Third leg in the middle… I can’t seem to figure which of the two it belongs to

Edwards History of his Outrageous Works include:

Britney Spears giving birth
Suri Cruise‘s poop (Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes’ daughter)
Octomom in pink
Paris Hilton‘s insides
Angelina Jolie nursing

All of these, ummmm, masterpieces created visions in our minds that we could have lived without. And now we have another.

More than cool this is creeeeeeepy! o.O

The Week that starts on Friday, August 5

  1. Best thing I never had – Beyonce
  2. Man Down – Rihanna
  3. If I Die Young – The Band Perry
  4. TGIF – Katy Perry
  5. Super Bass – Nicki Minaj
  6. LOVE – Jennifer Lopez
  7. Moves like Jagger – Maroon 5 and Christina Aguilera
  8. Informer – Snow
  9. Knee Deep – Zac Brown Band Featuring Jimmy Buffett
  10. Pumped Up Kicks – Foster The People