Nicole Scherzinger Goes Bare For Coffee Table Book – Culo

If Nicole Scherzinger isn’t careful she could find herself inadvertently headlining the XXX Factor. The Pussycat Dolls superstar has dared to bare almost all in a new coffee table book about women’s backsides.

Scherzinger is one of the many celebs who stripped down for artist Raphael Mazzucco’s Culo By Mazzucco, a 248-page ode to women’s backsides edited by Sean “Diddy” Combs and Interscope and A&M Chairman Jimmy Iovine.

Culo, if you don’t know, means buttocks in Italian.

Scherzinger appears in a sepia print photo with her back to the camera. Her tush, legs and back are decorated with henna tattoos.
Two leis are wrapped around her neck, an obvious homage to her native Hawaii.

A few pages in, Lady Gaga flashes us in all her black and white glory. She wears a simple bra while pulling down her thong for some full moon exposure.

Mazzucco captures Black Eyed Peas frontwoman Fergie leaning against a wall with her arms and legs spread. Rounding out the portrait are different shades of gold, orange and green paint along with images of butterflies.

Surprisingly, Sarah McLachlan also makes an appearance. The “I Will Remember You” singer looks into the camera while lying nude on a plush bed with a guitar by her side.

5 Addictive Things You Do Every Day

Addiction is a funny thing in our culture – people who are actually addicted to a substance actively deny it (“I just like to smoke!”), while other people claim addiction for every random thing they happen to enjoy (“I’m addicted to these delicious candy bars!”).

But as science gets a better understanding of how addiction works in the brain, suddenly a whole lot of our everyday habits make more sense. Things like …

#5. Listening to Pop Music

Yes, pop music is basically cranial crack, to the point that scientists have actually been able to predict which songs would become big sellers by hooking kids up to an MRI scanner and playing previously unheard pop tunes for them. When a future hit came on, the pleasure centre of the brain lit up like a Christmas tree.

Pop music is something that tends to divide people in ways normally reserved for large military conflicts. Its advocates idolize the artists and their music, while its opponents brand anyone interested in pop as mindless drones who don’t know “real” music. But while one can hate Lady Gaga all he wants, there’s no changing the fact that she has sold over 64 million records, and the sales of her last album actually caused’s servers to crash.

 #4. Eating Salty and Spicy Snacks
Sweet foods make sense – cells use sugar as their primary source of energy. Your body knows this, so it rewards you for cramming your mouth full of it (to the point that it keeps tasting good to us right up until we’ve eaten so much that we need a scooter to get around). But why are we so into salt? After all, salt is just tiny freaking rocks. Or, even weirder, stuff that burns our tongue? What exactly are potato chips and jalapeno-flavored everything doing for us?

The chemicals in spicy food irritate the trigeminal nerve, which is responsible for, oh, not much, just all the sensation in your goddamned face. Scientists theorize that the irritation causes the brain to release endorphins to ease the discomfort by, well, giving the eater a natural high. And like any high, you want it again, and to make it more intense. That’s right — people who love spicy foods are addicted to pain.

 #3. Using Lip Balm
… there are actual websites out there dedicated solely to helping people overcome their lip balm addiction. There are actual living and breathing people claiming to be addicted to goddamn ChapStick.

The mention that the supposed buzz you get from using lip balm is actually caused by the menthol, camphor and phenol used in it. Now wait just a second. Phenol? The same phenol that is corrosive to the eyes, skin and respiratory tract, and is also used as an embalming agent? The same phenol that can cause instantaneous death after injecting one gram?

#2. Tanning
I’m skipping this one…cause we’re a perfectly tanned lot 😛 😛

Maybe sunscreen would be our addiction.

#1. Chewing Ice
Ice chewing, or pagophagia, is a subset of a larger disorder known as pica, which causes people to crave things with no nutritional value (including much rarer and weirder compulsions like dirt, paper, chalk or even feces). Ice chewing specifically usually indicates iron deficiency, and chewers may actually be subconsciously trying to get the nutrients they’re lacking from the water. This is further evidenced by the fact that ice actually tastes better to an anemic person, presumably because the brain is jonesing for a fix of that sweet, sweet Fe.

Thanks, Mike!

What Happens When You Go Blonde

I’ve been told, blonde = dumb. So then why would this chico and these chicas even opt for it?

Firstly, dark skin and blonde hair = black and yellow black and yellow black and yellow black and yellow black and yellow.

Then, blonde hair and black eye brows? C’mon man, we have canvases for that. If you really want to experiment, be bold, try aqua blue or parrot green. Take cues from Lady Gaga. Check her other styles here.

And then, I’m just too bored to explain why you should not go blonde and blah blah… Go figure, now bye!

Our Indian beauties are not far behind… look look 😛 😛

Leave your comments on why dark skinned people should or not GO BLONDE.

Simi wants Meat Wearing Lady Gaga on IMD

Looks like Gaga couldn’t find a better way to hit the Indian scene but through aunty Simi’s India’s Most Desirable. Apparently Simi was hounding Gaga’s agents to get her on her guest list for a while, and she succeeded!! (((Cries out loud)))

Soon we’ll watch 2 women (Simi and Gaga), one who we can’t ignore, and one who keeps popping out of the dark…so that we don’t ignore!!

But the question is – WHY is she India’s most desirable??? How many Indians even know her to begin with? And once they do, I’m not sure that’s gonna add up to many citizens liking her either.

C’mon man Indians like cricketers and bollywood stars…period. Our preferences are limited, or we limit. Secondly, she WEARS meat, u think Indians are gonna be proud of someone donning their sacred cow?

Look at Abhijeet Sawant, Indian idol hasn’t made him very desirable, and Simi won’t approach him for obvious reasons too, don’t you think? Poor guy!! I wonder what he’s up to right now. And you probably have already forgotten about him.

So I think I’ll leave my eagerness to know what comes off the show, when it happens. Fingers crossed…hoping for the best, but expecting the worst. It’s Lady Gaga after all 😛 (noticed, I said ‘it’ not ‘she’) 😛 😛 😛