Simi wants Meat Wearing Lady Gaga on IMD

Looks like Gaga couldn’t find a better way to hit the Indian scene but through aunty Simi’s India’s Most Desirable. Apparently Simi was hounding Gaga’s agents to get her on her guest list for a while, and she succeeded!! (((Cries out loud)))

Soon we’ll watch 2 women (Simi and Gaga), one who we can’t ignore, and one who keeps popping out of the dark…so that we don’t ignore!!

But the question is – WHY is she India’s most desirable??? How many Indians even know her to begin with? And once they do, I’m not sure that’s gonna add up to many citizens liking her either.

C’mon man Indians like cricketers and bollywood stars…period. Our preferences are limited, or we limit. Secondly, she WEARS meat, u think Indians are gonna be proud of someone donning their sacred cow?

Look at Abhijeet Sawant, Indian idol hasn’t made him very desirable, and Simi won’t approach him for obvious reasons too, don’t you think? Poor guy!! I wonder what he’s up to right now. And you probably have already forgotten about him.

So I think I’ll leave my eagerness to know what comes off the show, when it happens. Fingers crossed…hoping for the best, but expecting the worst. It’s Lady Gaga after all 😛 (noticed, I said ‘it’ not ‘she’) 😛 😛 😛