20 Of The Weirdest Summer Camps

When most people think of summer camp, hikes, swimming and capture-the-flag come to mind.

But some niche camps go above and beyond the classic fun and give kids a chance to fight zombies, swim with sharks, or learn French.

From Space Camp to Camp Jam, here are some of the more unusual summer camps out there.


At Spy Camp, kids break codes, make disguises, and use spy gadgets.

Cost: $415 for one week

Location: International Spy Museum, Washington DC

Kids 10-13 years old spend one week from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. daily learning to crack codes, going on spy missions, attending secret briefings, and having adventures around the museum.

At Space Camp, kids are trained in robotics, space missions, and more.

Cost: $949 for the summer session

Location: One Tranquility Base, Huntsville, AL

Campers get extensive training at week-long Space Camp, learning space history and working together on mock space missions.

The summer session lasts from May 22 to August 18.

At Wizards & Warriors Camp, kids spend the summer fighting zombies.

Cost: $4,295 a month

Location: Westford, Mass.

Kids create their own armor, receive (foam) weapons training, treasure hunt, and write their own character for the duration of the session at Wizards & Warrior Camp.

At Circus Arts Camp, kids learn to juggle, unicycle, and fly on the trapeze.

Cost: $1,225 a month

Location: Solomon Schechter School of Westchester, Hartsdale, NY

You don’t clown around at Circus Arts Camp; you actually learn how to become a clown. The camp accommodates kids ages 7 years and older.

Kids learn acrobatics, balancing skills, juggling, equilibristics, rolla bolla, trapeze, Spanish web, fabric, trampoline, stilt-walking, tightwire, unicycling, and more.

At Camp Jam, aspiring musicians rock out in their own bands.

Cost: $1,595

Location: Norcross, Georgia

Camp Jam is considered the premiere Rock-n-Roll summer camp in the country for kids ages 7 to 17.

The camp markets itself as “no canoes, lots of work.” Every Friday night the campers perform a concert.

At Mad Science Camp, kids explore chemistry in a lab.

Cost: Price is determined by location

Location: Global

At Mad Science Camp, kids make casts of animals, learn about and play with robots, and experiment with chemistry sets.

There is one instructor per 13 children at camp, and grades one through five are admitted.

At Hollywood Stunt Camp, kids learn hand-to-hand combat and choreograph their own stunt show.

Cost: $6,295 a month

Location: Running Springs, CA

Hollywood Stunt Camp is part of Pali Adventures Camp, and campers learn how to do stunts like the pros.

They even coordinate with campers at a nearby film camp for their stunt shows.

At Plantation Camp, everyone lives outside without electricity and works on a sustainable farm.

Cost: $4,400 for about a month

Location: Cazadero, CA

At Plantation Camp, the entire experience is unplugged. Campers can choose from more than 50 activities, including riding a horse bareback, building a fort, tie-dying a shirt, or playing capture the flag in acres of redwood trees.

At Kids ‘N Comedy Camp, the campers are mentored by professional New York City comedians.

Cost: $995 per session

Location: New York, NY

At Comedy Camp, students learn about improv, comic acting, and stand-up comedy, and end camp with a live show at Gotham Comedy Club.

The class is open to kids ages 10-18, and limited to groups of 10, so the students get a lot of attention.

At Kids Culinary Camp, students learn to prepare fresh ice cream, cater meals, and decorate cakes.

Cost: $4,900 for two weeks

Location: Highgate, Vermont

At Kids Culinary Camp, kids will be exposed to crock pot cookery, canning and preserving, German and Japanese cuisine and more.

At Camp Fully Involved, women who aspire to be firefighters learn the tricks of the trade.

At Camp Fully Involved, women who aspire to be firefighters learn the tricks of the trade.

(Not a firefighter from Camp Fully Invovled)

Rachel Davis

Cost: Many campers receive scholarships

Location: Merrimack, NH

Women between the ages of 14 and 20 years old who have dreams of becoming a firefighter experience vehicle and dumpster fires, rappelling, SCBA drills, room and content fires, Engine and Truck company operations, forcible entry, ventilation and combined operations.

At Camp Biz Smart, kids are given “thrival skills.”

Cost: $1,400 for two weeks

Location: Several in the California area

Camp Biz Smart is designed for the future entrepreneur between the ages of 11 and 15 years old.

Students will learn to pitch ideas, develop leadership, business and project management skills, and more.

At Nuts, Bolts, & Thingamajigs, kids can become handymen.

Cost: Unavailable

Location: Colleges in the California area

The Foundation of Fabricators and Manufacturers run camp Nuts, Bolts, & Thingamajigs, helping mold students into artisans.

Each session of camp offers a different specialty, including welding, turbine power, and the magic of manufacturing.

At Jurassi Camp, students learn about dinosaurs and fossils.

At Jurassi Camp, students learn about dinosaurs and fossils.

(This image is not from Jurassi Camp).

woodleywonderworks on Flickr

Cost: Unavailable

Location: University of Miami, Pinecrest, Jungle Island, St. Philips, & Lynn University

Kids make a model T-rex and fossil dig on a typical day at Jurassi Camp.

Jurassi Camp is part of the Fun Camps franchise.

At China Cultural Immersion Camp, students volunteer, and learn the language.

Cost: $5,999 plus air fare

Location: China

The “China: Ancient Empires to Modern Wonder” camp exposes students to caring for pandas, allows them to visit the 2008 Olympic venues in Beijing, take boat tours along the Li River, and more.

The price includes meal and hotels.

At Fiji Shark Camp, students scuba and snorkel next to the sharks.

Cost: $5,580

Location: Fiji

Swim along the sharks for hands-on experiences in Fiji. Students must be scuba certified.

Campers receive 10 hours of community service and three college credits for the program.

At Dude Ranch Camp, kids ride horses, zipline, and more.

Cost: $2,995 for three weeks

Location: Lake Wales, Fla.

At Circle F Dude Ranch Camp, campers ride 65 different horses or choose from over 25 different activities including rockwall, zipline, paint ball, sailing, kayaking, arts and crafts, dance, tumbling, cheerleading, football, soccer, volleyball, and swimming.

At Canoe Island French Camp, students learn to speak French.

Cost: $2,000-$3,000 for two to three weeks

Location: Canoe Island in the San Juan Islands

Forty-five campers spend their summer on Canoe Island immersing themselves in French culture, while learning the language and partaking in classic summer camp activities such as archery.

At Motorsport Camp, kids get behind the wheel at least twice a day.

Cost: $2,190 for two weeks

Location: Alton, VA

At Motorsport Camp, kids get to drive on dirt and paved courses.

When they aren’t behind the wheel, there’s still time for paintball, racing-career exploration, and motorsport science.

At Cricket Summer Camp, kids six to 18 years old attempt to master the sport.

At Cricket Summer Camp, kids six to 18 years old attempt to master the sport.

(This photo is not at the Cricket Camp mentioned in this article).

Scott Heavey/Getty Images

Cost: $120 a week

Location: Multiple locations

Cricket Camp,  which is part of the US Sports Institute, is a five-day course that teaches campers the game from the elementary level.

You’ll learn to handle the ball on Monday, and by Friday be playing in the “World Cup,” the camp’s website says.

Prefer a more traditional summer camp?

Prefer a more traditional summer camp?

Camp Androscoggin


Thanks, Meredith!

Extremely Disappointing Facts About Popular Music

  • 1. Creed has sold more records in the US than Jimi Hendrix

    Creed has sold more records in the US than Jimi Hendrix

  • 2. Led Zeppelin, REM, and Depeche Mode have never had a number one single, Rihanna has 10

    Led Zeppelin, REM, and Depeche Mode have never had a number one single, Rihanna has 10

  • 3. Ke$ha’s “Tik-Tok” sold more copies than ANY Beatles single

    Ke$ha's “Tik-Tok” sold more copies than ANY Beatles single

  • 4. Flo Rida’s “Low” has sold 8 million copies – the same as The Beatles’ “Hey Jude”

    Flo Rida's “Low” has sold 8 million copies – the same as The Beatles' “Hey Jude”

  • 5. The Black Eyed Peas’ “I Gotta Feeling” is more popular than any Elvis or Simon & Garfunkel song

    The Black Eyed Peas' “I Gotta Feeling” is more popular than any Elvis or Simon & Garfunkel song

  • 6. Celine Dion’s “Falling Into You” sold more copies than any Queen, Nirvana, or Bruce Springsteen record

    Celine Dion's “Falling Into You” sold more copies than any Queen, Nirvana, or Bruce Springsteen record

  • 7. Same with Shania Twain’s “Come On Over”

    Same with Shania Twain's “Come On Over”

  • 8. Katy Perry holds the same record as Michael Jackson for most number one singles from an album

    Katy Perry holds the same record as Michael Jackson for most number one singles from an album

  • 9. Barbra Streisand has sold more records (140 million) than Pearl Jam, Johnny Cash, and Tom Petty combined

    Barbra Streisand has sold more records (140 million) than Pearl Jam, Johnny Cash, and Tom Petty combined

  • 10. People actually bought Billy Ray Cyrus’ album “Some Gave All…” 20 million people. More than any Bob Marley album

    People actually bought Billy Ray Cyrus' album “Some Gave All...” 20 million people. More than any Bob Marley album

  • 11. The cast of “Glee” has had more songs chart than the Beatles

    The cast of “Glee” has had more songs chart than the Beatles

  • 12. This guy exists.

    This guy exists. 

    That is all.


    Thanks, Dave!

Adriana Lima on What it takes to be a Victoria’s Secret Angel

Most models would have you believe they eat whatever they like – “I eat burgers and French fries!” they protest, as if they fall out of bed every day looking like a magazine advertisement. Industry people know that’s not true, and so does supermodel Adriana Lima.

Lima is disarmingly frank about what it takes to prepare for the Victoria’s Secret fashion show – watched by eight million people, reportedly – in which the world’s highest – paid models wear barely-there lingerie as part of a production that costs $10 million.

So here’s what it really takes to be an Angel:  Lima, 30, has been working out every day with a personal trainer since August. For the last three weeks, she’s been working out twice a day.

The Routine

It is really intense, it’s not really the amount of time you spend working out, it’s the intensity: she jumps rope, does boxing, lifts weights.

She sees a nutritionist, who has measured her body’s muscle mass, fat ratio and levels of water retention. He prescribes protein shakes, vitamins and supplements to keep Lima’s energy levels up during this training period. Lima drinks a gallon of water a day. For nine days before the show, she will drink only protein shakes – “no solids”. The concoctions include powdered egg. Two days before the show, she will abstain from the daily gallon of water, and “just drink normally”. Then, 12 hours before the show, she will stop drinking entirely.

“No liquids at all so you dry out, sometimes you can lose up to eight pounds just from that,” she says.

Lima has been an Angel since 2000. She has since had a baby.

The preparation is all worth it, says Lima, because the show is the highlight of her year.

“Actually, the Victoria’s Secret show is the highlight of my life. Becoming an Angel, once I achieved that, it was a dream come true for me. And I know that after all this is done, when I sit down with my daughter one day, we are going to look back and it’s going to be very special.”

What does being hand-picked to represent the brand do for a model’s career (not to mention her income)? “It opens up so many doors, everyone knows your name, the whole world knows you now,” she says.

“Any model in this world would love to be an Angel.”

Sex Dreams That Don’t Mean What You Think They Do

This isn’t apropos of anything. I just found myself on a dream interpretation website and thought I’d bring it to 11points. I like dream interpretation — nothing is what it seems, everything means something else. No matter what Freud said, a cigar is never a cigar.

For today, I’m analyzing 11 different sex dream subjects to let you know what they REALLY mean. 

  1. If you dream about… a dominatrix it means that… you’re looking to find God. Apparently, dreaming that you’re a dominatrix means you’re looking to step up your spirituality. Not sure how digging your spiked high heel into someone until they say the safety word (most likely “razzmatazz”) is a sign that you’re looking to be born again, but hey, who am I to argue with abook?
  2. If you dream about… watching someone get naked it means that… you’re compassionate. Watching someone get undressed shows you want to understand that person better so you can empathize and become more comfortable with them. I suppose this even applies if you’re watching them get undressed through binoculars outside their window.
  3. If you dream about… castration it means that… you feel uncreative. Makes sense, getting your genitals lopped off is akin to not being able to express yourself by painting seascapes or making a bunch of pots.
  4. If you dream about... orgies it means that… you need to have fewer hobbies. Take a note: If, in your dream, you’re getting spread too thin by simultaneous sex with a half dozen people… maybe it means you’re getting spread too thin in real life. So give up stamp collecting or you’re going to keep dreaming of getting gangbanged.
  5. If you dream about… an erection it means that… you should finally start writing that novel you’re always talkin’ about. Erections don’t mean erections in dreams. They mean you have power and energy you need to use, and, most commonly, use in a creative way.

  6. If you dream about… wearing a chastity belt it means that… you’re too protective. Clearly. If you want to put your lady genitalia under lock-and-key, it’s a sign that you need to relax.
  7. If you dream about… condoms it means that… well, it depends on the condom. If the condom is wrapped, it means you need to start letting other people voice their opinions.
    If you’re a woman and you dream about a man wearing a condom, it means you feel emotional protected. And finally, if the condom is unwrapped, it means you’re sexually frustrated (naturally, because every dream interpretation has to be the opposite of logical).
  8. If you dream about… incest it means that... you forgive a family member for an argument. Seriously. Your subconscious mind rewards them sexually. And yes, that’s gross, but it doesn’t mean (1) you’re sexually attracted to your sister or (2) that you should take the dream as a sign and act on it in real life. She gives you a nice birthday present, just thank her with a heartfelt hug.
  9. If you dream about… performing oral sex on yourself it means that…you’re a selfish bastard. But hey, I respect you for dreaming of something so ambitious.
  10. If you dream about… being gay it means that… you’re not gay. It just means that you accept yourself and you’re compassionate.
  11. But if you dream about… being bisexual it means that… you’re gay. And those two interpretations back-to-back really sum up the seemingly random and illogical art of dream interpretation.

11 Sexy Photos Totally Ruined By People in the Background

There’s some part of human nature that really makes us laugh when attempted sexiness crashes and burns.

This photo collection is a celebration of that horrible, yet undeniable, instinct that we all have.

I’ve been collecting funny photos off the Internet for years and these are the 11 best photos I’ve ever found where someone (read: a woman) was trying to be sexy… but someone or something crept into the background of the photo and ruined it. Of course, what makes it better is that they didn’t notice the interloper and posted the photo online anyways… which brings us to today.

This is the first list in a two-part series… today I have 11 sexy photos totally ruined by people in the background, tomorrow I’ll have 11 photos of people totally ruined by sex in the background.

  1. The old man sleeps. Playboy bunny necklace… sexy underwear… curvaceous pose… oh, and grandpa sleeping on the bed while it all goes down.
  2. The model and the ginger. If you ever wonder why people get so creeped out by ginger kids, this modeling photo says more than words (or Cartman) ever could…
  3. The floater. A toilet really shouldn’t be incorporated into a sexy photo. An unflushed toilet ESPECIALLY shouldn’t.
  4. High quality parenting, take one. It’s hard to find her sexy when her kid is passed out, shirtless, in the fetal position, mere feet away.
  5. High quality parenting, take two. Again, if you have to exile your infant outside so you can take sex photos, maybe it’s time to close those things right on up.
  6. Biggest boobs in the photo. Do not go to any of the girls.
  7. Well, he did pay for all the ballet classes. I feel like old Russian men have a patent on the all white tank top-briefs look.
  8. Bikini shoot on the beach. I think he just wanted to be a part of the photo shoot. After all, his bathing suit is just as revealing as any other one pictured here.
  9. Under the pier. The kid doesn’t seem to know how he got there… he isn’t doing a very good job of concealing himself against that post… yet you feel like this is still one of the greatest days of his young life.
  10. Call a babysitter. I just can’t believe this is real.
  11. And she would’ve gotten away with this, too. If it wasn’t for that meddling TV.

Best Bombay Restaurants for Business Meet and Greets

To talk privately, celebrate, impress, break ice and bread – these six Bombay restaurants do brisk business

Though it lacks the glitzy sheen of some of India’s newer business hubs, south Bombay continues to be India’s financial epicenter, serving as headquarters for everything from the Reserve Bank to the stock exchange to the nation’s mint.

No wonder then that the area boasts many work-friendly restaurants.

We polled some city professionals — lawyers, fund managers, bankers and finance media folk — and zeroed in on the six best Bombay restaurants for different business occasions.

Wasabi by Morimoto: Best Bombay restaurant to impress a business colleague

Wasabi Mumbai

This restaurant is like a pearl, embedded in the dramatic seascape corner of the city’s fabled Taj Mahal hotel, overlooking bobbing craft anchored at the Gateway of India.

Wasabi, the Taj’s first-floor Japanese restaurant, is also is one of the most expensive tables in the city, at Rs 4,500 per person, not counting the sake.

Some 28 varieties of fresh seafood are flown in once a week from Japan to supply the sushi and live teppanyaki counters.

Sushi on offer can rival any Japanese restaurant in any other major world city, but caters to Indian palates with an outstanding vegetarian selection including Mexican-inspired delectable guacamole tacos.

Know your menu: Soft-shell crab sushi rolls; rock shrimp tempura with spicy mayo; white fish carpaccio; steamed Chilean sea bass with blackbean sauce, chef’s scallions, ginger, hot oil; and Miso-marinated black cod.

Lunch: 12:30 p.m.-2:45 p.m. Dinner: 7 p.m.-11:45 p.m.

For reservations call Taj Mahal Palace, P J Ramchandani Marg, Apollo Bandar, Colaba;             +91 (0)22 6665 3366      ; www.tajhotels.com

Thai Pavilion: Best Bombay restaurant for a private business meeting

Thai Pavillion Mumbai

With its hushed tones and dark interiors, Thai Pavilion is Bombay’s answer to Bangkok fine dining.

It’s a choice place to hold a private business lunch meeting.

TP, as its affectionately known, was refurbished in 2007 and is spacious enough to make eavesdropping on neighbors difficult.

Its location at the Taj Vivanta in Cuffe Parade, makes it a convenient meeting ground for out-of-town business guests who like to stay at Taj’s business hotel.

As far as Thai food goes, this is the Bombay’s best on offer.

Know your menu: Gaeng Ped Thai red curry with jasmine rice, Pla Nueng Manao steamed John Dory with lemon and garlic sauce and Phad Phak stir-fried mixed vegetables in a Thai sauce.

Dinner approximately Rs 3,000 per head and lunch Rs 2,000 per head, with one drink.

Lunch: 12:30 p.m.-3 p.m. Dinner: 7 p.m.-midnight

For reservations call Taj Vivanta, 90 Cuffe Parade;             +91 (0)22 6665 0808      ; www.vivantabytaj.com

Frangipani: Best Bombay restaurant for a business lunch

Frangipani Mumbai

The Trident’s all-day restaurant is a favorite amongst local business folk, given its extensive hot and cold buffet lunch spread.

Diners are spoilt for choice, with a variety of salads and appetizers, a generous Indian menu as well as à la carte for those in the mood for Continental or Italian.

Plus its ample seating often allows for last-minute reservations and walk-ins.

In other words, it’s perfect for those impromptu, no-fuss work lunches.

Know your menu: Salad of chevre and ruccola with citrus fruits and crisp almonds; aglio olio spaghetti; sour dough margherita and four cheese pizzas; and Jambalaya-style risotto with Chorizo sausages, shrimps and ham.

Budget for Rs 2,000 per head without alcohol.

Open 7 a.m.-12:30 a.m.

For reservations call Trident Hotel, Opposite Air India Building, Nariman Point;             +91 (0)22 6632 6310      , 6632 4343; www.tridenthotels.com

Khyber: Best Bombay restaurant for Indian food experience  

Khyber Mumbai

Khyber’s Mughlai cuisine is guaranteed to work with both foreign and desi business colleagues.Its kebab and curry friendly menu reads like a greatest hits from north India, with a heavy dose of Bombay thrown in with kali mirch rawas, a spicy local fish marinated in black pepper yogurt, or the crab bhurjee (stir fried spiced crab, onions and tomatoes).

It’s a better choice for a business dinner than lunch, because after a heavy Tandoori meal it’s near impossible to work.

Know your menu: There’s 10 different types of kebabs, and vegetarians won’t be disappointed either, with a big thumbs-up to the pudina gobi (cauliflower marinated in mint yogurt) and the achari mushroom, or pickled mushrooms grilled on charcoal.

With most dishes under Rs 500, Khyber offers good value for money too, making it a preferred dining destination for big group business dinners. Rs 1,500 per head without drinks.

Lunch: 12:30 p.m.-4 p.m. Dinner: 7 p.m.-11:45 p.m.

145 Mahatma Gandhi Road, Fort;             +91 (0)22 4039 6666      ; www.khyberrestaurant.com

Indigo: Best Bombay restaurant to break the ice

Indigo Mumbai

Beloved by locals, Indigo has long been a must-stop on every Bombay visitor’s list.

There’s something warm and familiar about this 12-year-old fine dine restaurant that pioneered modern European food served up with a South Asian edge and a healthy dose of ambience, outside the gambit of Bombay’s five-star hotels.

In good weather, the upstairs al fresco dining captures Bombay’s laid-back yet boho chic mood, but if you’d rather be indoors, there’s a lively buzz to the downstairs space, with the long bar and lounge setting the tone for a fun evening out.

What’s truly great about Indigo is that it allows your dining experience to be whatever you want it to be — casual for some, formal enough for others.

Know your menu: Recommended dishes are the lobster risotto, the caramelized onion flan, buffalo tenderloin with braised oxtail, asparagus-stuffed gnocchi and beetroot carpaccio.

Indigo is also well priced, with average cost per head at Rs 2,000 with a glass of wine.

Lunch: Noon-3 p.m. Dinner: 7 p.m.-11:45 p.m.

4 Mandlik Road, Apollo Bandar;             +91 (0)22 6636 8999      ; www.foodindigo.com

Hakkasan: Best Bombay restaurant to celebrate closing a deal   

Hakkasan Mumbai

The most buzz worthy opening in Bombay this year, where nouvelle Chinese meets London chic, Hakkasan is best enjoyed when you don’t have to worry about the bill — and what better way to do so than a deal closing dinner?

Hakkasan’s pricing has already made it a legend among Bombay’s chatterati, making it a sure fire winner with all those hard working colleagues looking for an emphatic pat on the back (and a night out on company expense).

The bar scene at the Ling Ling lounge is buzzing towards the end of the week, so after a sumptuous meal you can retire to digestifs for a fitting finale and blend with the crowd.

Know your menu: Hakka steamed dim sum basket, crispy duck salad, salt and pepper squid, roasted silver cod with Champagne and Chinese honey, stir-fry lotus root and asparagus in black pepper, Mabo tofu with chicken and Sichuan pickled vegetables and steamed whole crab.

Average price per head is Rs 5,500, with one drink.

Lunch: Noon-3:30 p.m. Dinner: 7-11:30 p.m.

Krystal, Waterfield Road, Bandra (W); +91 (0)22 2644 4444, 2644 4445; hakkasan.com/mumbai

Kwispel Beer For Dogs

[Oktoberfest] 10 Exotic Beers From Around The World

Have you ever wished you could drink with your dog? Well, neither have I! But if you ever feel the need to get your pet drunk, look no further than this Dutch beer. This beef-flavoured ale is the ideal drink to get your dog tipsy and in the mood for some heavy petting!

While this beer’s meaty taste is best suited to dogs’ taste buds, it’s apparently safe for human consumption as well. Proceed at your own risk!

Look What Poonam Pandey’s Doing

She had promised to strip if Team India won the World Cup and didn’t live up to it. So, to motivate the struggling Men in Blue in England this time round, Poonam Pandey has gone ahead to strip partially. Her website (almost porn) is ugly as fuck!!… in a bath tub, the woman goes around with the hand shower and lots more ugliness. BTW! The lingerie beats the one’s you get on linking road. More like she bought them from someone’s yard sale.

She posted her partially nude picture on Twitter building the hype around it for days with posts like – “Coming Soon ‘Motivational Surprise” and “time for Men in Blue to Win ne how at ne Cost!!! Will b Releasing a sensational Pic as they get on the field!! i am with them! keep Watching”.

To which the twitterati commented –

@iPoonampandey Poonam the last time u gave the “Motivational Surprise” it rained in England. Now what? Tsunami? 🙂 #ShoutLoud

Then finally when the picture was up, Poonam’s tweet went –

“GM!! The world will see that I lived up to my inspiration. now,  I am sure my team will beat England. Our time has come.”

With the way @iPoonampandey has been trending on Twitter, one can only imagine that twitterati had a lot to say. Here’s a few of the reactions the partially nude picture managed to incite –

Immediately after the match was over, there were several Facebook captions such as, “Where is Poonam?”, “I’m waiting for you Poonam”, “Where the hell is Poonam Pandey. I bought an HD TV for you!”.

According to the latest news, she has requested the BCCI to choose another country such as Paris for her striptease, to avoid controversies in India.

As the story goes, there was hope that she would finally strip in Paris, and that did not happen either. There were rumours of her being a part of Big Boss this season, of her leading the Mumbai Slutwalk. The model finally made her reality show appearance on Khatron Ke Khiladi this season.

With her belief that there is no vulgarity in nudity, Poonam definitely has come a long way riding on this ‘strip’ of fame. Well, it takes all kinds to make this world – a motivational stripper is one more!

Perfect Wig for Your ‘Gay’ Halloween Costume

No, seriously, this Men’s Gay Costume Wig is an actual item for sale on Amazon.com‘s website right now – though, to be fair, it’s not being sold by Amazon.com itself, but by a company called Brands on Sale.

Is it offensive? Obviously. And Amazon’s (brilliant) customer reviewers are fuming—in the funniest way possible, naturally:

This item is not just for Halloween. This cute little number is my go-to wig for any time I want to be gay for a night. I got the disco shades and smooth fake mustache, too. The whole ensemble is highly recommended. It makes me feel so liberated! And the best part is, I can take it off in the morning, and it’s like nothing ever happened. Nothing, you hear me?

Also, wearers of the gay wig apparently are magically blessed with Broadway-show singalong abilities :

I don’t know how this wig did it, but it’s synthetic hair has miraculous powers. All my life, I’ve wanted nothing more than to be Gay. But sadly, I was born straight.

Why was life so cruel, I often wondered as I cried myself to sleep.

Then I saw this gay wig and thought, why not? I put on this wig and suddenly all I can think is gay, gay, gay. I’m wearing rainbow flags and I’ve learned all the words to Cabaret in a week. Now, my dream has finally come true! Thank you! You saved my life!

Old Monk Mixes Beyond Rum and Coke

Old Monk rum is probably India’s most underrated export, manufactured by Mohan Meakin Ltd. in Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh since Victorian times.

The delicious, dark, caramel-nosed, vanilla-and-spice-mouthed desi rum, distilled from sugarcane molasses, has been the country’s widest-selling liquor brand for decades, and has been bagging gold medals at the Monde World Selections since 1982.

But nobody knows this. Because the company never advertises. Instead Old Monk has gained a cult following around the world through word of mouth.

As a punch, with coffee liqueur or pureed mango – mixologist Yangdup Lama suggests 5 new ways to drink this first-rate Indian rum.

Muddled Monk

Dark rum: 45 ml
Orange liqueur: 15 ml
Fresh sweet lime: 6 wedges
Fresh lime juice: 10 ml

In an old-fashioned glass, muddle the sweet lime chunks and pour in the rest of the ingredients. Top with crushed ice and garnish with a twist of sweet lime peel.




Desi Rum Punch

Dark rum: 45 ml
A pinch of chaat masala
A pinch of black salt
Pineapple juice: 90 ml
Fresh lime juice: 10 ml

Shake all the ingredients in a cocktail shaker with ice and serve, over ice, in an old-fashioned glass. Garnish with a pineapple wedge and an oblong, slit green chili.



Monk’s Coffee

Dark rum: 45 ml
Coffee liqueur: 15 ml

Fill an old-fashioned glass with crushed ice. Pour in the rum and coffee liqueur. Stir, then garnish with a few coffee beans.





Garden of Eden

Dark rum: 60 ml
Fresh lime: 1 wedge
Apple juice: to top

Fill a tall zombie glass with ice cubes. Pour in the rum and top with apple juice. Squeeze the fresh lime wedge and drop the peel in as well. Garnish with a few apple slices and serve.




Mango Monk

Dark rum: 45 ml
Mint syrup: 10 ml
Fresh lime juice: 5 ml
Fresh mango or mango purée: 90 ml

Blend all the ingredients together in a bar blender with ice. Serve slushy in a brandy snifter and garnish with a sprig of fresh mint.