What is St. Stanislaus in Bandra Up To?

The reputation of St. Stanislaus in Bandra has been going downhill lately. Just a while back it made new when the boys were caught consuming alcohol at a school camp. And now, it’s in the news again for 2 reasons – molestation and illegality. Here’s the scoop

I’ve heard so many parents rant about the principal Father Jude Fernandes’ insensitivity towards them and the kids too. Even the teachers hardly speak up because of his attitude. And even though I hate to speak against a ‘holy’ man, his deeds just don’t match up to what is expected of him. He’s just the kind that won’t listen to anyone… even if he’s wrong. Now it seems like everyone has started picking reasons to degrade the friar.

Here’s what happened this time

In a letter addressed to the Bandra police, angry parents complain of sexual improprieties committed on their young girls by male swimming teacher.

The ‘sexual mischief’ committed by a swimming instructor while training minor girls has plunged the pool at St Stanislaus High School in a sea of trouble, with parents dispatching an angry letter of complaint to the Bandra police, with the support of the Bandra Welfare Committee Association.

The letter also complains about the lack of a basic sanitation system for the pool and the filthy condition of the water. It also alleges that the school, which is using the pool commercially to reap profits, has not bothered to obtain the necessary licence from the BMC. The swimming lessons were offered not only to school students, but also to outsiders, who could avail of lessons as guests, by paying a sum of Rs. 300.

The complaint states that the sexual improprieties had even been brought to the notice of Father Jude Fernandes, but that no action was taken by him to address the issue. This is exactly what I’m talking about –> He Doesn’t Listen.

Cop Speak 

Deputy Commissioner of Police (Zone IX) Pratap Dighavkar said, “We get many letters every day, but I can’t remember having received any letter about a swimming pool in St Stanislaus School. So I cannot comment on the matter.”

And look at this – How can an Asst Municipal Commissioner not know his jurisdiction?? Ridiculous.

Assistant Municipal Commissioner of Bandra H-west Ward Sunil Dhamne said, “I have only recently assumed this post, and will have to find out if St Stanislaus School comes under my jurisdiction. From the legal point of view, every swimming pool needs a BMC licence.”

School Says 

Father Jude Fernandes, principal of St Stanislaus School, claimed that the swimming lessons for female students had been cancelled following the incident. He said, “It is true that a parent complained about such improprieties a while back. We immediately terminated the appointment of the instructor. We also stopped offering swimming lessons for girls.  Asked if they had made any plans to address the matter, he added, “If the classes are ever resumed, we will appoint a female instructor.”

“We returned the fees paid for the lessons by the aggrieved parents. The little girl’s mother used to send a maid to chaperone the girl, but claims that when the attendant wasn’t looking, the swimming instructor touched her daughter mischievously. I don’t know how much truth there is in their claims, but we have sorted the matter out.”

Ok first he agrees that he was aware of the issue… then in his next breath he says he doesn’t know how much truth there is in the claims. BUT, it is sorted out.

So he agrees to what really now?

Keenan Santos and Reuben Fernandez Could Be YOU

(Extreme Right) Reuben Fernandez and (second from Left) Keenan Santos

While we already known the horrifying murder of Keenan Santos and Reuben Fernandes, here’s what not many are aware of

The police investigated and arrested four people – Rana, and the three others who were with him. Despite witness statements and CCTV footage, it seems the 13 odd goons who landed up with swords and knives did not exist.  Rana & Co were cocksure on arrest and confident that they would be out within months and said so openly. 

The murder weapon was found at Rana’s home in Valmiki Nagar in the presence of two witnesses whose statements are on record, the friends witnessed Rana stabbing him, Rana’s own companions say Rana stabbed Keenan. Rana says he didn’t do it. He says it was someone else. 

And of course, everyone has forgotten about the 13 odd rent-a-goons complete with professional equipment that landed up within 10 minutes of Rana’s threat of returning. Who were they? Why did they never come into the picture with the cops in spite of the presence of video footage?

Politicians Getting Involved

In still other news, politicians were quick to step into the limelight. They visited Keenan’s and Reuben’s families, made appropriate noises, and then – pay attention – visited Valmiki Nagar to assure that the killers families that they would get justice.  Ashok Bhau Jadhav Congress MLA from Andheri W sponsoring the killers lawyers.

One would think that with the assailants being migrants, MNS would at least condemn them, but apparently not. An article in DNA quotes Jassi Singh, a local from Valimiki Nagar “So far, political activists and leaders from Congress, Shiv Sena and MNS have visited our area”.

 Questions Remain

  • Why are politicians so concerned about these killers? The answer is in upcoming elections. Valmiki Nagar is a vote bank. The goons rule it. The assumption is that favors done to them will reap political profit. And it can’t even actually be any favor to the people of the area, because with these goons having such violent power, they can’t be safe either. Who stands to profit then?
  • Why did the cops not arrest the other goons who arrived later for the sole purpose of attack? It can’t be that impossible to find them – they came in rickshaws!
  • Why was a man with two murder cases against him not only roaming free and killing one more man (possibly two) but also confident that he would be out free in a few months? Why was an MP rushing to provide him with a lawyer within a day?
  • Why did no one among the bystanders come to the aid of the victims? Can understand shock and fear during the fight, but why not help get them to hospital?
  • What options do we have, as citizens to create reasonable safety for us?
  • Most importantly, what do you do if you get molested, or see someone getting molested by a random person on the street? 

    Read more here! 

Masala Toys – Shady Name for Not-So-Shady Games

Stop racking your brains, and just read on! Finally India gets a decent site for adult toys. This Bangalore-based site is easy to navigate, well-stocked, non-sketchy and beats the hell out of trolling for a toy outside Akbarally’s.

All of the gadgets on here (dildos, vibrators, sex dolls, even KY jelly) are apparently imported, from brands such as Durex and Cyberskin – in fact, they’re receiving a new Japanese shipment today. Flesh off the boat!

So now you know where to go when you want to know the (dil)dos and don’ts

Check out Masala Toys or call (+91) 7760767727, start at Rs 2,500 for a vibrator, shipment received within 3 to 4 days… They have discounts and Sales too… cool ah!

Justin Bieber at 2011 VMAs: Gay or Fake Straight

I’m beginning to have second thoughts and even worry a little about Justin Bieber now. When he was younger, he managed to be cute et all… but now he’s obviously grown na…and I’m sure he can afford a mirror too. So then what was that at the 2011 VMAs??

Orange pants and animal print shoes?… like if your gay its cool.. a lot of people are. Just cause he has Selena by his side doesn’t convince me enough of him being straight anymore. And those glasses? Those were in vogue before he could even hit puberty… wait! Has he yet?…just sayin!!

In 2009, Justin Bieber told Oprah he’s gay (Click here. They said it!!)

Oxford English Dictionary to Add the Word ‘Manties’?

In an article published by the WSJ, there’s a debate going on over whether the words ‘manties,’ (men’s panties), ‘mantyhose’, (men’s pantyhose?) and ‘mewelry’ (you get the jist) are legitimate enough to be included in the Oxford English Dictionary (OED). Apparently, the OED is ‘tracking them for possible inclusion.’

But there are rules to get into the be-all and end-all of dictionaries, and so far, ‘manbag’ is the only one of these words to have been included, and this happened five years ago. (It’s synonym ‘murse,’ however, has been disqualified.)

To be accepted into the OED, there must be ‘evidence of a word’s usage over a 10-year period, before considering it for inclusion.’ Meaning if we really want to use ‘mantyhose’ in scrabble without being challenged, i’ll have to say it for at least another 9 years and 364 days, since this WSJ article could very well be the first time someone put that in print.

Here’s one person – one of many, most likely – who’s not on board: GQ style advice columnist Glenn O’Brien, who says, “Manties is pretty high on the repellent meter.”

Indian Festivals, Mandaps and Mockery

It’s been a while since I got here. Anyway, now that I am, it’s obviously because something’s made me. This time it’s our great Indian festivals and the chaos they plan to cause every evening.

If Dahi Handi, a one day thing could cause so much of traffic, noise and waste of public money (where do you think our civil servants get that dough to fill your matkas until they overflow?), the Ganpati celebrations I think are pushing it too far now. Like really!

I have nothing against the festival, fine, he’s one of your God’s. Cool! But how is he even treated. Instead of bhajans, lately Akon’s track Takin’ it off and some House music have been singing his praise on Linking road.

I’m pretty sure you’ve strolled around and seen enough mandaps and shamianas put up. Practically every 2 kms you’ll bump into one, sometimes even lesser. Mostly organised and put together by slum dwellers and an illiterate lot, these mandaps have more lighting than the house those organisers live in. They probably wouldn’t spend that much on buying new clothes or food for their entire family either.

So where is the money coming from? DUH!!! Its OUR (middle class) money. So we pay taxes, and what do you get in return? Noise and mandaps…shit loads of MANDAPS. Because Indians believe in celebrating every festival, and if there isn’t one anytime soon….hell we’ll make one up.

These festival celebrations have just turned into one big pile of bull. With nothing but illiteracy, larger than life speakers, free food, and a whole lot of mockery!

Lobbying, Ass Kissing and India’s Downfall

This is isn’t a new phenomenon and we all know to make it big in India – you either have to be super influential or a real good kiss ass!! And even though this post may not have any consequence, I just feel for the Hockey players, considering my association with the sport in the past (even if it were minuscule).

Hockey is the national sport of the country, and how much of its real allocation of funds does it even receive? Zilch compared to cricket… and why? F**k knows!!! Inspite of that we have talented guys waiting to get on the team, but are held back only because of ass kissing lobbying fags.

Look what the national players (for years now) have to resort to…Facebook. I wish there were a FagBook to slash the entire country’s faggot authorities. 

Goalie of the Indian hockey team Adrian Joseph D’souza on fb says, “If performance and fitness being number one criteria doesn’t get me in the team, but sucking on the management’s feet gets some in the team and also captainship then it’s high time to let the nation know what is happening in the sport I love!! Need you’re support to fight this injustice!!”.

Jeez… you and I both know it’s gonna take forever for this to change, and I’m almost reaching hopelessness. What’s the big pride in being Indian after all? But hats off to Anna Hazare who is the silver lining still giving me that little optimism.

India’s Richest MP Worth Rs. 43,000 Crore or Rs. 365 Crore?

Jagan Mohan Reddy… naam toh suna hi hoga! And if you haven’t, well he is currently India’s richest MP. In May this year, Jagan had declared assets of a kickass Rs.365 crore.

But Textiles Minister P. Shankar Rao, on whose letter last year the court took up the hearing, claims that Jagan was worth Rs.11 lakh prior to 2004 (when he entered politics) but now has assets were worth Rs.43,000 crore.

Whatever the case… how did this man with a Master’s degree in Business Administration, from a small town, manage to stack up so much of that dough? –> Corruption, Silly!

But some people beg to differ, because “Y S Jagan Mohan Reddy is an industrialist mainly setting up companies in remote areas not for profit but to employ unemployed in villages there by developing their lifestyles. He is considered as the leader of youth in Andhra Pradesh.” O.O some strong statements there. Click here for a healthy scoop of goodness about Jagan that not everyone knows.

If you look at the depths India is sinking to cause of corruption, we’d rather just migrate, or continue paying a deaf ear. Even the thought of it is just sinful.

(skip to last para to save yourself from boredom) From May 2004 onwards, Jagan apparently floated a number of companies “wherein quid pro quo investments have been made out of the benefits received by the investors/beneficiaries from the decisions of the state government in various forms like
irrigation contracts,
relaxation/permission for real estate ventures,
mines etc,
besides payment of huge premium amounts in the shares and invested in the companies by such beneficiaries,” according to the order.

After going through the documents and note files pertaining to land allotments and exemptions granted by the government to various companies and individuals, the CBI had found “leads” to establish the case prima facie. As the case involves
alleged money laundering,
hawala transactions and
investments routed through tax haven countries,
the team will have officials from the enforcement directorate, income tax and other agencies to look into the matter too.

This was by far the most boring thing I’ve ever posted on politics, though I enjoy every bit of bitching (even if it’s in my head, cause everything that goes on in my mind, is not publicly accepted…and defamation could land me right next to Jagan, in court) 😛 So whether or not he is in the wrong – Indian courts force me to think – we will find out tentatively 30 years from now.

Thomas Muller’s Parents Are In Kerala

So I don’t know why Thomas Muller‘s parents in Kerala makes me so happy, but anyway, feels like I’m closer to him through them ahahahhahahaaa (I really like this guy O.O)

Golden Boot winner Thomas Muller’s parents are holidaying Kerala and they will be present for the Nehru Trophy Boat Race in Alappuzha in August.

Gerhard and Klaudia Muller, reached Kochin couple of days back, and will be seeing the country’s premier water sporting event from a house boat on the Punnamada lake, a  little birdy told me. They will also be at Kovalam beach resort before returning to Germany.

The Mullers are latest among a list of international celebrities who visited the state in the last few years including Beatles member Paul McCartney and Rock legend Sting.

He Got Helped Up By Them, Then Mugged

The London riots have stirred everyone’s attention, and amidst all of the stoning, police chasing, arson and other obvious riot acts, this one caught my attention – because it isn’t a riot operation!

The young Malaysian student, already bleeding, thought he was being helped up by some black stranger, and was later mugged by a white guy from the same gang. So now is London really facing Racial riots? Or is it a cover-up??