Thank You Messi, But We (India) Need Our Own Football Hero

Now that the hysteria and hype generated by Lionel Messi’s appearance in Kolkata has died down, the big question is: what has it done for football in India?

Organisers argued how it would boost Indian football but the cynical view is that it was just a marketing exercise and the T-shirt sellers at Kolkata’s BC Roy market were the main beneficiary of the Argentina-Venezuela friendly.

Whereas the 120,000 capacity Salt Lake stadium has been filled in the past for Mohun Bagan and East Bengal games, 90,000 turned out on Friday. It may be a large turnout elsewhere but for a match in Kolkata involving an Argentina team skippered by the current FIFA world player of the year Messi, it was pretty disappointing.

The reason for those empty seats was ticket pricing. With the majority priced between Rs 1,000 and Rs 5,120 , many lower-income fans were effectively ‘priced out’.

If the real motivation of the match was to promote India and further the game, pricing needed to be more in tune with the disposable income of the average Kolkatan.

It made a great spectacle but the best way to promote the game in India is to improve it at the grass-root level.

The only way to do this is to invest in better coaches and facilities and not flying in superstars to play in what essentially is a glorified training session.

The truth is that Friday’s event did nothing for Indian football. By not engaging the local community and making tickets prohibitively expensive they are more likely to turn people off.

The challenge now is not to bask in the glory of having bought Messi here, but finding Indian talent and giving them the facilities and coaching to progress.

So that, some day, those traders at BC Roy market sell India shirts with a local hero’s name and number.

Lobbying, Ass Kissing and India’s Downfall

This is isn’t a new phenomenon and we all know to make it big in India – you either have to be super influential or a real good kiss ass!! And even though this post may not have any consequence, I just feel for the Hockey players, considering my association with the sport in the past (even if it were minuscule).

Hockey is the national sport of the country, and how much of its real allocation of funds does it even receive? Zilch compared to cricket… and why? F**k knows!!! Inspite of that we have talented guys waiting to get on the team, but are held back only because of ass kissing lobbying fags.

Look what the national players (for years now) have to resort to…Facebook. I wish there were a FagBook to slash the entire country’s faggot authorities. 

Goalie of the Indian hockey team Adrian Joseph D’souza on fb says, “If performance and fitness being number one criteria doesn’t get me in the team, but sucking on the management’s feet gets some in the team and also captainship then it’s high time to let the nation know what is happening in the sport I love!! Need you’re support to fight this injustice!!”.

Jeez… you and I both know it’s gonna take forever for this to change, and I’m almost reaching hopelessness. What’s the big pride in being Indian after all? But hats off to Anna Hazare who is the silver lining still giving me that little optimism.